Important FAQ's

If you fail to notify a doctor within 24 hours of your in-ability to be present at an appointment that you have made, you will be flagged. After 3 such flags, your account may be revoked. Please do not make an appointment unless you are sure you can be there.

No. Medical professionals pay Hajez Markazi a tiny fee after a patient has been seen
Hajez Markazi gives doctor's/practices one of two options. A doctor's schedule can either be managed throug hHajez Markazi online scheduling tool. Alternatively, Hajez Markazi offers the possibility of integration with popular scheduling tools and HIS/CIS systems at no additional charge.
Hajez Markazi gives each doctor complete control and access to their Hajez Markazi account through a unique user-name and password. All Practice information can be updated through the main doctor's account.
Please fill out the Hajez Markazi online contact form and a friendly Hajez Markazi representative will contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively you may call on (+966-11-4625897) from 9am-5pm, Sunday to Thursday and a Please fill out the Hajez representative will guide you through the process. For Our Patients articles
Yes. Hajez Markazi is completely free for our patients and you will never be asked to submit any credit card details.
Not yet! But we are working on it. The healthcare providers you see on Hajez Markazi are the ones who have chosen to partner with us. These Doctors and Dentists have chosen to work with Hajez Markazi to make your healthcare experience as hassle free as possible.
You can fill out the Hajez Markazi online contact form or alternatively you may call us on (+966-11-4625897). A friendly member of the Hajez Markazi team will be glad to assist you.
Simply send us the doctor and/or practice's name and we will follow up for you. Alternatively, you may personally inform the doctor or practice about Hajez Markazi great service. The interested doctor or practice representative should feel free to contact us directly either via telephone or by filling out the Hajez Markazi online contact form.
No, in order for you to activate your Hajez Markazi patient account you will be sent both an SMS and Email. Without confirming both SMS and Email your account will not be activated. A mobile phone is essential as you will be sent SMS appointment notifications. This is also required for doctor's/practices to be able to contact you directly.  If you do not have a mobile phone we recommend that you ask someone who does to book the appointment for you. In the booking process the account holder will need to select 'someone else' and then specify your name.
Yes,simply login to your patient account and click on the 'My Appointments' tab. You will then notice that there is reschedule option on the appointment you previously requested. Once you click on reschedule you will then be provided with other available times. Once you select a new time an automatic email notification will be sent to the doctor/practice for confirmation.
It’s very easy to book a doctor appointment with Hajez Markazi! Just choose the type of doctor you’d like to see, your location, and your insurance plan. Your search will then show you a variety of different doctors who may meet your needs. You can view any doctor’s available times, along with his or her education and photographs that have been taken in their natural environment. Choose the best available time and book your own appointment on the spot.
No. As you will notice Hajez Markazi doesn’t offer medical services of any kind. Hajez Markazi is designed to connect you to the doctors and dentists you need.
The time you have selected is not guaranteed until you receive an email/SMS confirming your selected appointment time. In the event that your selected appointment needs to be rescheduled you will be contacted directly by a practice representative or by the doctor. In the event that an appointment is not confirmed then kindly call or send a message to Hajez Markazi and our friendly staff will follow up on your behalf.